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  • The Advanced Program

    • Designed to Transform your Health. It was created for those clinics with Chronic Health Conditions. It will dig deeper into your individual system concerns with function laboratory testing and uncover root causes of health issues. The Essentials Program includes intake of symptoms, consultation with history and review of wellness goals. As well as Zyto BioCommunication Scan, In body Composition testing, HRV testing, 60 results report appointment and 30- 60 -90 day follow up appointment once recommendations have begun. Additional NutrVal test kit is included with full report. 10% all supplement orders are included.

  • The Essentials Program


    Our most popular choice.   This program is designed to determine your health goals, access your challenges, review testing results and customize a nutrition regimen for you.   The Essential Program utilizes the latest technology is testing including zyto bio communication scan, In Body Composition Testing, and HRV(Heart Rate Variability).  You will receive a consult and testing appointment, report appointment with Dr. Paul, follow up phone checks with our dedicated Nutrition Staff and 1- 30 day follow-up appointment. 10% of your initial supplement order to begin on your new journey.

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  • The Foundations Program


    A simple start for people who want to get started on a healthier journey. This Includes intake of symptoms, consultation with history and review of wellness goals. The basic Foundational Program to start your health journey is reviewed. Additional Follow Up Appointments are additional as needed.