Meet Our Team

Take care of your body, it’s the only one you got!

Dr. Paul Puetz graduated from South Dakota State University with his bachelor’s degree and his Doctorate from Northwestern College of Chiropractic.  He founded Complete Health Center in 2000, located in Marshall MN.  His deep love of learning has earned him additional training in Pediatric Care, Sports Care, Faktr Training and Functional Nutrition Analysis.  Opening a second location in SD is a dream as Dr. Paul is originally from Mitchell and this location brings him closer to family. 

Jenna, clinic director extraordinaire, keeps the office running in both locations in SD and MN. On a typical day, you can find her hard at work overseeing the operations side of the business. In addition to being a superstar in the office, Jenna also takes pride in being a great mom to their two kids.

Are you ready to MOVE better?

Meet Dr. Paul

Youngest of 14, Dog Lover, Dad of Two and Passionate about empowering you to have the Life you deserve.

Dr. Paul is about whole person health.  Seeing his father—a Korean war veteran—suffer from pain. Over the years and hundreds of appointments he noticed that the care never saw the persons symptoms as a whole- they treated symptom to symptom.  Instead, he set out to provide care that sees your body as a  complex system that needs to work together for optimal function.

In addition, Dr. Paul is also a licensed acupuncturist.  His training in this non invasive approach to health is a powerful way to treat many symptoms.  From anti aging services, to anxiety sessions to pain relief.   Acupuncture is an ancient medicine that is here to stay. 

Last but not least, Dr Paul has been doing Functional Nutritional Consulting for over 13 years.   His signature method is about restoring the body to optimal function.  He understands that health is unique to the person and so should your nutritional plan.   

His down to earth nature was born from his own personal experiences with pain and injury.  He has felt the traditional system of medicine not working and understands the frustrations that come with that first hand. 

What makes Dr Paul’s unique method of care truely effective, is his ability to distill complex information into everyday analogies that YOU can understand and put into action.   When you understand your body and your health, you connect with the WHY and are able to see the lasting RESULTS you deserve. 

Paul and Jenna have two children together who are both active in their schools. Their daughter is involved in speech and pageantry, while their son plays college basketball at USF. Both kids received their first chiro adjustments just 20 minutes after they were born!

Moveology 605 is the dream of Dr. Paul and Jenna Puetz Together, they operate a chiropractic clinic that is focused on holistic healing and whole-body treatment.

Meet Dr. Kylie

Dr. Kylie Scott graduated from Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD with her bachelor’s degree in 2015.

She played collegiate soccer to help earn her degree in biology, chemistry, and business. She received her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN in 2018. Dr. Kylie is passionate helping patients with her God-given hands. She loves being able to assist bodies naturally to help restore balance to the nervous system and relief from the muscle tension.  Dr. Kylie has had additional training in Maternity care (Webster Technique Certified) and Pediatric care which is close to her heart because her son was born with Clubfeet!


Holistic Treatments For Whole People

While their roles at the clinic may differ, Dr. Paul and Jenna Puetz have one commitment in common: to provide the best care possible to anyone who walks through the door by treating each person as family, with compassion and empathy. Adjustments are never limited to one specific area of the body; instead, the whole patient is taken into account and aches and pains are treated at their root.

True wellness means moving well, feeling amazing and looking great, because internal health shows up on the outside!  The Moveology approach is a person centered approach to health….. are you ready?